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Make content creation your ally, not your enemy

Hyper-automated content, SEO-optimized for higher ranking on Google, fueled by AI and integrated directly into your CMS.

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Energidepotet: small effort, huge impact

Working with Energidepotet has proven that only a few hours of work over a span of four weeks, was enough to increase their organic traffic and revenue across 500+ products and 50+ categories.
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Automatically analyze your products and categories according to the most impactful SEO standards.

How does it work?

Here's how we help you run your webshop

Information gathering

Cernel uses your website to get specific details about products such as name, categories and specifications. This allows us to build your product catalog as a large map of connected dots to generate the most relevant texts. Combined with our system knows about the world we can provide you with the highest-quality output.

Analyzing & presenting

Cernel analyzes products and categories on your website and scores your content using objective, proven SEO standards . You can easily navigate through thousands of products of yours and our search tool allows you to filter, target and solve issues with your content in no time.

Text generation

Cernel feeds information and analytics to our custom AI to generate fully-automated content, meaning that a great number of products and categories can be updated at once and run while you spend time doing something else. The system allows for easy configuration of content to suit it to your needs.


We offer personalized configurations tailored to you, trained to match whatever demand you have. Configurations are pre-determined, allowing you to get started with minimal effort, but allows for specific generation including tone-of-voice, word count and formatting.

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